Sunday, June 12, 2011

Parking Garage Glass Half Full?

So it seems that most everyone is unhappy with the new parking garage in downtown Columbia.  Too massive, steals the skyline, unneccessary, doesn't cover costs, expensive, unused, etc....

But guess what?  It is there.  So what are we going to do, just continue to whine about it?  I mean, it's not going anywhere.  So why don't we try and make the best of it?  Complaining is just noise.

As obnoxious as it may be from the street view, it is equally breaktaking from the top, overlooking our city.  Probably the best panoramic view in town.  Glass half full. 

I bet there are many positves that could come from its use, especially up top.  Maybe turn the upper floor into something that could utilize the unique quality of its rare air.  A restaurant?  A visitor center?  How about some cool events?  Skateboarding?  Hot air balloon lift off?  A 9-floor race of some sort?  A market?  Any ideas? 

We have created a very unique structure, with unique opportunities here.  So maybe if we can come up with a groovy use for it, city officials might be swayed to think outside of the box.  I promise to present them all to the powers that be.  Let's brainstorm!

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